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Samsung 30Q - 18650 Battery

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The Samsung 30Q batteries are a series of long-lasting, flat top, rechargeable batteries that are ideal for use with vaping equipment. Widely regarded as one of the best batteries on the market for vapers, the Samsung 30Q are designed to keep their charge for a whole day’s vaping and can last for multiple days depending on your usage. These batteries are also high quality and resistant to overheating which can be a problem with more demanding vaping setups.

The Samsung 30Q batteries are rechargeable, but make sure that your battery charger is designed for Lithium-ion batteries. Like all lithium batteries, the Samsung 30Q will eventually lose its maximum charge through repeated charging and will need replacing after around 750 charges. But, unlike many rechargeable batteries, the Samsung 30Q has a very low drop off in maximum charge until toward the very end of their usable life.

The Samsung 30Q batteries are ideal, working well for almost all vaping equipment because they have high capacity and voltage while running at a good temperature. This means the Samsung 30Q will last a long time compared to most other batteries of this type while also remaining safe to use and providing the power needed.

Samsung 30Q batteries have a slightly lower current rating in order to provide this higher capacity and better operating temperature. Which means the Samsung 30Q might not be well suited to vaping equipment that demands higher current levels. But in general, these batteries are one of the best vaping batteries available and will make perfect batteries for most equipment.