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Dinner lady

Dinner Lady Nic Salts 10mg & 20mg


Apple Sours - is a tasty flavour from their popular Tuck Shop range, featuring the taste of sweet and shockingly sour apple sweets.

Berry Blast - features a strong blast of cherries paired with a hint of raspberry. This cherry berry magic mix will blow your mind.

Blackberry Crumble - is a tasty dessert vape, a freshly baked crumble Crust base filled with Blackberries will come through on the inhale, followed by light sugary notes on the exhale for a delicious Blackberry Pie!

Blackcurrant Ice - combines the taste of rich blackcurrants with sweet orange undertones and icy menthol upon exhale.

Blue Menthol - combines the taste of succulent blueberries with dark currants, aniseed and an icy menthol blast.

Bubble Gum - borrowed from their popular Tuck Shop range, this has to be one of the most realistic bubblegum flavoured eliquids out there.

Café Tobacco - features the taste of rich tobacco with dark coffee and hints of sweet cream.

Caramel Tobacco - combines rich tobacco with deep undertones of sweet vanilla caramel and lashings of honey.

Cherry Menthol - brings the sweet taste of summer cherries together with a cooling menthol exhale.

Cola Ice - is refreshing blend of delicious Cola drink with a slice of Lemon on the inhale, followed by a couple of cooling Ice cubes of the exhale.

Ice Menthol - is a cold e-liquid that combines deep menthol notes with a sharp icy blast upon exhale.

Lemon Sherbets - is a sweet candy sherbet on the inhale, followed by a zesty Lemon on the exhale.

Lemon Tart - is the dessert vape that made Dinner Lady so famous, a tangy Lemon curd base will come through on the inhale, followed by a sweet Meringue Pastry on the exhale.

Lychee Ice - the truly tropical taste of Lychee with a cool icy exhale and undertones of zesty citrus.

Mango Ice - is an exotic treat that delivers the perfect amount of juicy mango with a cool icy blast.

Melon Twist - features seriously twisted melon with kiwi, let your taste buds devour it’s tangled delicious glory.

Mint Tobacco - combines the popular taste of richly dark tobacco with undertones of sweet mint upon exhale.

Pink Berry - combines the taste of sweet citrus with handfuls of sun-ripened berries for a rich base.

Pink Wave - invites you to ride the pink Strawberry, Lemon and Coconut wave alongside your tastebuds.

Raspberry - is clean vape that features the fresh taste of summer raspberries throughout.

Smooth Tobacco - delivers the taste of sweet tobacco with rich undertones of smooth cream.

Strawberry Ice - is a blend of sweet, ripe Strawberries on the inhale, complimented by a refreshing Icy exhale.

Strawberry Macaron - is a sweet macaroon base, featuring undertones of cream, almond and coconut.

Sweet Fruits - is a juicy fruit blend on the inhale, followed by sweet sugary candy notes on the exhale.

Tropical Fruits - features the tastes of Guava, Pineapple and a touch of cream to create the perfect Caribbean treat.

Watermelon Slices - is a juicy Watermelon flavour on the inhale, followed by a sweet candy exhale; creating a perfect summer time vape!