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The Vape Lounge

The Vape Lounge Shortfills


We wouldn't put our name on it if it wasn't the best!

Apple Millions - Tiny bursts of green apple candy.

Banana Shake - Thick & creamy banana milkshake.

Big Berries - A delectable mix of the ripest berries and cherries.

Big Red - F'red Astaires' favourite. Mixed Berries, aniseed & menthol.

Black Slushie – Sweet blackcurrant slushie.

Blapple - Blackcurrant & apple intertwined perfectly.

Blue Lemonade - Refreshing blueberry lemonade.

Blue Slushie – The classic blue slush puppy we all know and love.

Butterscotch Custard – Extremely rich butterscotch custard with background notes of meringue.

Caramel Latte – A strong coffee laced with sweet caramel sauce.

Cherry Menthol – Ice cold cherry with some added fruity goodness.

Forest Fruits - A sweet, fresh concoction of all the berries of the forest.

Fruit Salad – Reminiscent of the little sweets but with more tropical notes.

Gummy Bears – A handful of sweet, chewy, tropical-y gummy bears.

Heisenberg – The OG of the vape scene made better with some special fruity touches.

Iced Grape – Frozen ice cold sweet black grapes.

Iced Mango – Frozen ice cold ripe tropical mangoes.

Ice Menthol – Plain old menthol mixed with spearmint & icy cold goodness.

Iced Pineberry – Sweet strawberry & ripe pineapple mixed with a freezing cold hit.

Jam Doughnut - Fried doughnut with a gooey raspberry jam centre.

Kanzi – Watermelon, strawberry, kiwi & marshmallow come together to make something VERY special.

Lemon Sherbet – The classic yellow hard candy with a slightly sour sherbet centre.

Lemon Tart - Gooey meringue, tangy lemon curd and crunchy biscuit base.

Mojito – A perfect recreation of the classic cocktail with rum, lime & mint.

Orange Sherbet - Sweet, tangy orange sherbet.

Parma Violets - The old school classic purple sweets.

Pink Lemonade - Refreshing pink lemonade.

Purple Slush - Sweet black grape slushie.

Raspberry Sherbet - Sharp & moreish raspberry sherbet.

Rhubarb & Custard – Rich rhubarb & custard candy, a firm favourite.

Strawberry Belts - Sugar covered, slightly sour, strawberry candy belts.

Strawmelon – Refreshing watermelon with a side of strawberry sorbet and a little iced hit.

Stremonade - Refreshing, sweet strawberry lemonade.

Vanilla Custard – Rich, luscious, thick vanilla custard. A dessert lovers staple.

Vimto – Just like your favourite purple drink, a must try!


70vg / 30pg  0mg

60ml Shortfill bottles - 40ml liquid with space to make liquid either a 3mg or 6mg.

100ml shortfill bottles - 80ml liquid with space to make liquid 3mg.

250ml shortfill bottles - 210ml liquid with space to make liquid 3mg.

Price includes 1 x 15mg nicotine to make 50ml liquid & 3mg.

& 2 x 15mg to make 100ml liquid & 3mg or 4 x 18mg to make 250ml liquid.