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Beautiful Builds

Beautiful Builds Fused Clapton Pre-made Coils 0.15


A Full Nichrome80 Coil (pair)

26/40 N80 - 5 wrap 3mm ID 0.15ohms Dual

Taking 2 strands of Nichrome80 and expertly fusing them together with 40awg creates a coil that offers a large surface area in relation to the resistance and gives not only great flavour but fantastic performance!

Please note that Legs will be pre-set for a dual coil build.

All resistances are approximate. Due to the nature of Nichrome80 coils will read lower than advertised when first installed. Please ensure appropriate equipment is used at all times to work out any hotspots. Resistance will rise and settle once this step has been completed.

**a deep understanding of battery safety and ohms law is required. The Vape Lounge accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury caused*