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Beautiful Builds

Beautiful Builds Pre-Made Coils

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Framed Staple - Our Framed Staple is the Flavor Chasers Dream!
A full Nichrome80 coil. Taking 6 strands of 0.1 x 0.4 ribbon wire, framing in 28awg and expertly fusing it all together with 40awg means this is hard to beat in both Performance & Flavour!

A full Nichrome80 Framed Staple Coil (pair): 
6ply 0.1x0.4 Ribbon
28awg Frames
40awg wrap 5wrap, 3mm ID, 0.09/0.1ohm Dual (0.18-0.2 single)

Fused Clapton
-  The Staple! Taking 2 strands of Nichrome80 and expertly fusing them together with 40awg creates a coil that offers a large surface area in relation to the resistance and gives not only great flavour but fantastic performance!

A Full Nichrome80 Coil (pair) available in the below specifications: 
0.15ohms Dual (0.3 single)
26/40 N80 - 7 wrap 3mm ID

Series Fused
- A Full Nichrome80 Fused Clapton Coil (pair) designed specifically for very experienced series mechanical mod users. Offering increased surface area and a larger internal diameter this coil is the perfect all day series solution.

26/40N80 - 10 wraps, 3.5mm ID, 0.3ohm Dual.


Tri-Core Alien - Looking for something out of this world? Our Tri-core Alien coil is on another planet!
Offering fantastic flavor, great performance and a very distinctive look, this is a coil that can take your experience to the next level.

A Full Nichrome80 Alien coil (pair) available in the following specifications: 
Tri core 26/36 N80 - 5wrap 3mm ID 0.1ohms Dual (0.2 single)

Tri-Core Fused - The Tri Core Fused Clapton expands on the ever popular dual core Fused by offering an enhanced surface area while still maintaining a 0.1 Dual coil resistance.

Taking three strands of 26awg Nichrome80 and expertly fusing them together with 40awg gives this variation Excellent Flavour and the Performance you expect from High Quality, UK Handcrafted Coils. 

A full Nichrome80 Tri-core Fused Clapton Coil (pair): 
3x26/40, 5 wrap, 3mm ID - 0.1ohms Dual (0.2ohm Single)


Please note that Legs will be pre set for a dual coil build. If you would like the wrapped with opposing legs for single please leave a note on the order at the checkout. Opposing legs will raise the single coil resistance slightly

All resistances are approximate. Due to the nature of Nichrome80 coils will read lower than advertised when first installed. Please ensure appropriate equipment is used at all times to work out any hotspots. Resistance will rise and settle once this step has been completed.

**a deep understanding of battery safety and ohms law is required. The Vape Lounge & Beautiful Builds accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury caused* These products are to be used in competition devices and as such, are not designed for use with nicotine products.