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Canna Carts Refill Cartridge

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Pure & natural – NEVER diluted or synthetic: Instead of adding CBD to a flavoured solution – we add our flavour to the CBD which is our base ingredient… So unlike most vapes & liquids on the market which are a glycol-based mix with artificial flavouring (mint etc) our vapes are made the other way around and actually taste like the real thing!

REAL CBD & REAL TERPS = 100% natural product! Real CBD from hemp (not made in a lab) and real 100% cannabis derived terpenes. You may be happy vaping synthetic CBD and fake terps mixed with who knows what… BUT WE ARE NOT! Don’t be fooled by cheap products in fancy packaging – you get what you pay for… We are a grassroots small-batch company that prioritise quality over quantity – experience the realness!!


The cartridge.

  • Premium CBD vape cartridge & refill
  • Cannabis (CBD & CBG) Cartridge (0.6ml)
  • Universal 510 thread. 4-8w power threshold
  • Made from full spectrum distillate & cannabis derived terpenes
  • NO PG, VG, PEG & MCT or any other mixers/dilutants
  • 100% natural & from the plant – no chemicals or additives
  • Cannabinoid vaporizer – made in the United Kingdom
  • Ceramic cart – passes all Californian heavy metal tests
  • Large intake holes – gives a bigger, smoother and cooler hit
  • Authentic strain specific flavours – tastes just like the real thing
  • Laboratory tested to ISO 17025 European Specification
  • High strength & potency – 45% CBD & 12% CBG
  • All the goodness without the high – chill, rest, relax & recover