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Keep It 100

Keep It 100 100ml Shortfills


Apple Cider Donut - Homemade doughnuts with mulled cider, cinnamon, apple butter, and maple then fried to perfection finally rolled in cinnamon spice.

Blue Slushie Ice by Keep It 100 E Liquid enhances that with a cooling menthol background, which brings both strawberries and raspberries.

Blue Slushie Tropical - A tropical infusion rich and full of fruits, mash perfectly to create a that amazing getaway!   

Kiberry Killa - Get refreshed with some delicious fruit mixtures! A dose of strawberries and kiwi taste will create magic at all times of the day! Give yourself a break with a wonderful treat you 'd like to have all day long! Grab one today! Grab one!

Krunchy Squares - Enjoy a favourite breakfast in a bottle all the time! French toast with cereals are a perfect duo and compliment each other very well. A nice surprise to an all-day celebration!

Nilla Almond - Indeed the dear beloved nutty almond is merged with vanilla for a different taste, which has a sweet fruitiness that makes you crazy. A definite upgrade to a treat that was as close to perfection as you could get makes for a juice that is just heavenly.

Peachy Punch - Amazing, succulent, mature peaches are mixed with a mixture of apples and strawberries that are so soft and full of flavour. You're going be taken away! There's no question how genuine these different flavours taste in this vape juice.

Pink Burst - Begin your day with a little sweet affirmation. Keep it 100 has simply made a perfect copy for everybody's favourite chewy fruit candy. Pleasant and a bit creamy, this strawberry pleasure will keep your mouth watering, thinking about it.

100ml in 120ml bottle.

Price includes 2 x 18mg 10ml nic shots to make 3mg